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Good thing i waited.after a week of racing,this app is now free.looks okay.i like the layout.information is as current buy app store reviews as the website.but for them to sell an app like this,let me tell ASO that you should always keep this can you sell an app that aims to promote the sport?i live in the US, and the only way i get coverage of the dakar is through cable tv.not many americans are aware or a fan of this sport.keep this app free then maybe more will watch it.

“I downloaded this app on a whim after I bought SEASON TICKETS to they symphony. Let me tell you my life was in for a while ride after that. 

I’m a blue collar worker and work in the dog walking market. I have never been the high class type. The day I downloaded it, the king of Spain offered me a dog walking position in Madrid. He flew me out on his personal helicopter and let me walk two of the finest springer spaniels I have ever laid my eyes on. While I was walking a gorgeous spanish lady asked if I could look up something on my apple I-telephone and as I was pulling up spanish yelp, she caught of glimpse of my AUSTIN SYMPHONY APP. she demanded to know my favorite piece to which I rattled off mambo no. 5 and she tongue kissed me right there. In the middle of my walk! 

When I returned home the king of France was there eating shrimp with the king of Spain and I got to shake his hand. He said I had gentle paid app reviews fingers and asked if I had ever been to a French symphony. When I told him I’ve never been he said bonjure to the spanish king (who tipped me 15 USD btw) and took me on his yacht to the French symphony. When I got there they asked for my tickets so I just flashed them my app and they let me sit in the pit with the orchestra.  

Half way through the performance the maestro fainted and they let me conduct them through the final act of the show. I instructed them to play my favorite concerto (mambo no. 5) and the whole arena erupted in applause after I finished. I ended up staying with the king of France and fell in love with his daughter, Esmarelda. 

I now guest maestro every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the French symphony and it all started with me downloading this app. I know some people “couldn’t find a program” on the app but let’s get real, those people probably don’t even know how to use an apple I-telephone much less have the brain power required to use this app visit

Download this app right now and welcome yourself into a world of high class luxury.”Google came up a few years ago with this cheap, genius little Android TV media streaming box (worked with Asus on it) called the Google Nexus Box.