Silly ways to get free reviews and let app store ban your app

Android app reviews are a measure of your app’s quality. When people search for an app, they see the app rating then read user reviews. App reviews and ratings also indicate your app’s position within the app chart. The apps occupying top place within the chart have good app reviews also as app ratings. This increases their visibility and hence the app downloads gets increased. In simple words, the higher the app rating, the more visibility you get, the more downloads your app can make. Reviews plays yet one more important role. Before using an app, people undergo the user ratings. this will be seen as a trust making process. If the user reviews are good, people will certainly try your app and this will also cause better app conversions.
These user ratings are what that decides how well an app is performing. Now, before you download, you undergo the reviews. These reviews give a thought about the facilities of the app and therefore the problem you’re likely to face if you employ that app. User reviews are an important thing. The success of the app depends upon the type of user ratings that you simply get.



Free Reviews
The ideas of free reviews may be a fascinating one. Developers all round the world know the importance of app reviews Android or iOS and the way these user feedbacks help their app to shine and perform. There are numerous ways to urge more reviews. Increasing quality of app, better advertising, following improved marketing guidelines and a far better social media outreach are some to call . of these ways are effective but there lies a problem . the disadvantage of those methods is that each one these methods need investment, both in time and money. Well, money mostly.
In the fight to urge more reviews, the thought of getting free reviews for your app and saving all those dollars from marketing is a stimulating one among course. But there are risks involved. allow us to mention a number of the stupid ways in which ultimately may get your app faraway from the app store.
Use fake web reviewing websites: There are many websites that allow you to urge reviews for your app but sadly most of those app review sites are fake. The services aren’t genuine then are the reviews. Google features a strict policy on using services for using review services and if found, your app is probably going to urge faraway from the app store. These app review websites use bots for writing reviews. These bots are easily detected by Google Services and thus your app gets marked and ultimately is removed out.
Spamming Reviews: There are certain rules listed within the Play Store which refrain from spamming reviews. Basically, you can’t keep it up writing reviews one after another from an equivalent device. many of us use multiple accounts for writing review but care should be taken while doing it. confirm to not spam the reviews. Review for a maximum of 5 times per day from an account. await a short time after you put in an app. Reviewing then and there can convince be a problem for you.
Using developers account: this is often the lamest thing you’ll do to urge your app banned. Google doesn’t allow developers to urge engaged in ways to urge ratings or reviews. If you employ your developer account to write down multiple reviews or submit your developer account to marketing firms to get reviews, then your app might get banned or worse, it are often removed completely from the Play Store.
Review Exchange services: once you use review exchange services for your app, you ought to be really careful with few terms of use. as an example , you can’t link your developer account. you’ll ‘t review quite 20 times every week else your account are going to be locked and you can no more review apps. What’s worse is clubbing your developer account with the review exchange service. that’s the top of all mistakes and it can cost you your app.

Some smart tricks: How are you able to increase your app rating?
The answer is indeed simple. Let’s have a glance on a number of the important ways to extend the ratings of an app.
Quality of App: the primary step is ensuring an honest quality of app. make sure that your app stands call at the competition in terms of features. There are many apps within the App Store. What makes your app unique? confirm that your app is exclusive and has features that other can never consider offering. Work on your app design. confirm that the interface of your app is sweet also because the app icon. However minor this stuff might sound, these factors play an important role on your app’s performance. People want an app which is straightforward to use and appears exceptionally good. Unless you ensure this stuff , you’ll never expect to urge good ratings for your app.
Ask for it: Having said that, we all know that the majority people don’t rate an app unless asked to. albeit someone likes an app, it’s extremely rare that they’re going to attend the App store and supply the rating and review. believe the last time you rated an app. likelihood is that there that you simply haven’t rated and however weird it’s going to sound, this is often absolutely normal. That’s why ask people to rate your app. Conduct reviews, invite feedback and periodically ask users to rate your app. A word of caution. Repeatedly asking users to rate your app through call or messages might get annoying. So make an ingenious plan on the way to approach the users. confirm that you don’t annoy your users and along side it make sure that they rate your app.

There are some ways to urge reviews for your app. a number of them are paid but these are effective. Hiring freelancers is that the best you’ll do. confirm whatever you are doing , don’t experiment things together with your Developer account and also don’t use any service that use bots.