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It’s actually not all that hard to do! A few basic pets, like cats, dogs, and hamsters are all we need to get hooked. Thanks for taking the best aso agency time out of your day to read my review. I really hope you consider it! -a fan”

Hello can you please please please please make a office building and a restaurant for parents and the whole family then make seasons like winter and fall and spring and summer and make a park with swings and a slide and a ice cream stand please please please make that and now at home make a play room and a guest room for a sleep over and for the store make a pet store where you can get a cat ,dog or a bunny or even a fish so thank you for reading ❤️

Says i whish folory snipery erys erys and erys” I hope you see this but I would really like if you could make a toy store like the clothes store except there is shelves and shelves of toys and also could you add a baby store full of baby stuff like baby toys and strollers and car seats and last since you added a new house could you add another car like a bigger van and very last since you added grandparents they have no where to stay so can you please add a new house like older theme maybe a bedroom for the grandparents a baby room and a guest room. Those are all my suggestions thanks for reading please do them they would best app store optimization services make the app really fun thanks have a great day.

“I love it, I was wondering if you could make another app, called my PlayHome pet store and on the app called my PlayHome could you please add a garage. On the app I was talking about: I was thinking that you could add pets that you can breed by giving them specific food, and move wherever your character is, teach them commands like: sit, lay down, stay, and up”

I am in love with this game there’s so much to explore and I love to create my own world 🌎 and act them as if the Mom had a baby and a bring your dad or Mom or grandma or grandpa to school and imagine that I control the world btw I’m a girl this is the best game in the world how can u not like it it’s AMAZING I think the pepole did an amazing job on this congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 I love these kind of games like town but here there’s different places and rooms like in the school and the hospital and that you can make smoothies in one of the stores and outside I think two of the stores there’s a little contraption like a ride on thing outside the ice cream shop there’s a ride on ice cream truck that’s purple.