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However, there may be a bug.The app is asking me to re-credential every time I switch between my home network, cell money earning application, then back to home.This has only been since the latest update.Please fix!*Update*hank you for your swift response and follow up email! Your diligence reaffirms my faith in your product and why I’m a continued customer.Travel extensively and purchased TB a month before my travels to have our corp security teams test the app – passed.Noticed while reading reviews they stated “…less nodes than xyz competition….” My real-life tests; those comments are PURE NONSENSE.In restricted areas; able to pick your choice (tested) “India, US, Fastest (and others) worked efficiently and FLAWLESSLY.Test: using the US Tunnel made the airline quote flights in USD (to test: change the tunnel/browser cache to another country tunnel, and airline converts the quoted currency/language)

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For the acid test, for most travelers, is downloading or viewing eg Netflix from the TB US VPN while in “restricted” areas. Worked perfect, as designed; no issues.Another test performed; using my gmail account  money earn apps and then enabling TB; google gave a security error (they did not recognize the TunnelBear VPN IP) again, PERFECT: works as designed.Pleased they improved some code to correct the battery drain issue (minor annoyance).Used on iphone, iPad and MBP with Fusion (every platform and VM worked perfect).Great Job on the app!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10 Stars.

Tunnel bear works great. You shouldn’t be on your phone often at work BUT, I have restrictions at work, so I can’t access social media, shopping sites and other apps while on the company WiFi, so having this app is amazing. I suppose you could just get off the WiFi, but in my particular case, the entire office sits at a dead zone where no one in here has more than 1 bar so this VPN is very useful.Since I am at work 40+ hours a week, I decided to get the subscription which gives you unlimited access. The 500 MB they give you a month runs out FAST; if you ar using it for more than 2 hours at a time, you must get the subscription for it to be worth it.The bear… Whoever is behind that persona is a creative maven. The UI is simple, straight forward and takes the boring part out of VPNs with the bear mascot, map view, and animations. It’s very fast. I’m surprised by that a lot. I’ve been through a couple well known VPNs and started noticing my speed being throttled after a while. This has not been in the case here money earning apps. I feel very secure and private. Keep at it bear. You know bears really aren’t all that bad… Just don’t mess with momma bear and her cubs. I’m the cub and the internet is my playground. Thanks guys! :^]I never leave reviews but I love this app. It’s the only genuine FREE VPN that works. A friend of mine told me about it and I figured I would check it out. I was fully expecting it to not work or for it to somehow try to charge me a monthly subscription. I was surprised that it didn’t even ask me for a credit card and I was even more surprised that it actually works. I highly recommend for everyone!