Buy installs, Keyword Installs, Search Installs, High retention Installs If you create a high retention campaign

Hello guys. This article segment is tailor made for all the app developers who want to create a marketing campaign and are looking for a walkthrough too all the important steps regarding it. So without wasting much time, let us understand what an app campaign is and how can you make a campaign that suits your aims and aspirations buy android reviews.

App campaigning

Elections are on the door and you might be seeing people walking around with party flags and sometimes even coming to your localities for promoting their political parties. Similar to an election campaign, the app campaigning focuses on using some methods to advertise the product and win their audience support. The aim of these campaign is two-fold. One is the promotion of app and increasing the app presence in the market and the second is to increase app installs. This is achieved through a sequence of operation meant to enhance your app visibility in the market and also to effectively advertise your app in the market.

But what does an idea app campaign hold?

An ideal app campaign is focused and centered around these following things cheap android installs.


  • App Installs
  • Keyword installs
  • Search installs
  • High Retention Installs


Let us talk about app installs first. As you already might know, the app ranking is directly dependent your app installs. The more the number of app installs you have, the better your app ranking will be in the app store. The same principle lies for both iOS App Store and Play Store. Thus, majority of your work on the campaign should be on enhancing app installs. This can be done by numerous ways and each step is as effective as the other. The most easy way is to create ads and app teasers to promote your app. Videos are very popular among people and therefore a creative and pleasing video can attract people’s attention and can increase your app installs get reviews for your app. Other way is to publicize your app in social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others to mention. Maintaining social connection can do wonders for your app and can help you improve your app’s brand in the market. Other ways are advertising in newspapers and TV and to regularly apply for app review websites. All these measures will help you promote your app and therefore increase your app installs considerably.Next comes the keyword installs. For a high retention app campaign, it is very important to develop a sound strategy for the keyword