Magic of App Reviews

In this era of marketing, the whole scenario of app marketing has changed. The app stores have become crowded as hundreds of apps are being added to the app stores daily. It has further turned app rankings into a challenge for app marketing to overcome and there’s no denying the fact that a customer’s feedback plays a vital role in the growth of a business. It’s the feedback that actually reflects the business owners if their products and services are getting accepted by their target audience or not.

Now let’s talk about some stats ,72% of consumers Trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people,68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews and most important 90% of consumers says that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. Hence, its proved that reviews play a major role in excelling your graph of success.

Here comes the idea of paid app reviews . The secret of powerful review is in its total matching with the needs of potential clients. For instance, if they are seeking for software to make their shopping easier than triticale stories wouldn’t impress them. Customers will definitely appraise if review demonstrates the best facilities of the application, including its advantages in unusual situations.

Reviews are crucial for every business. According to a report released by Apptentive, more than 70% of people read more than one review before downloading the app. And due to this fact, the app developers are now encouraged for Paid App Review to get their app reviewed.

Here we can give you plenty of reasons for why you should go for Paid App Reviews .Some of them are listed below:

1.Double the graph of success: It is said that better the reviews better are the conversion rate of that app. It is seen that apps with better quality and quantity of reviews are three times more likely to get installed and Paid app reviews can provide your with both quantity and quality to your app.

2.Creative touch to your reviews: Boring content means the death of customers’ interest. For example: If people can’t find own image in current iOS game reviews they wouldn’t continue reading. That’s why customers consider you are not the one and choose another company. So in paid reviews you can easily filter out this types of reviews.

3.Gives the fair idea to the user: If you write only about hits of your application and hide it misses, no one will believe you. That’s why good Android app reviews contain both advantages and disadvantages. So, in paid app reviews you can get a good balance of both the positive and negative reviews.

4.Boost App Revenue:Revenue generation is the ultimate goal for any business and mobile applications are no exception to this rule. The overall revenue of an app is indirectly related to the app reviews as well as the ratings of the app because it acts as a source of credibility for the user’s purchasing behaviour.

5. App Visibility gets increased: App Store and Google Play have special scripts that range apps depending on their rating and reviews. Better the reviews more frequently it will be visible to the searcher. So ultimately your app gets popular on platforms such as app store and Google play.

6.Giving an optimal keyword in the review: A user tries to search for an app using a set of words, these set of words play an important role in getting your app up the charts. These keywords are researched by a group of experts when you give business to them. They find the common keyword users use and inform you to include the same in your app’s description, reviews, and title. Now the keyword is set and your app is waiting to be discovered. I will give an example to show how it works.

It is well understood that standing out in the crowd of 20 million app!! is not an easy task but small efforts from the group of efficient clients can make this task smoother. Regardless of any fancy name of your app or attractive logo, high ratings and reviews of your app in the initial days of your app through Paid app ranking can help your app shine brighter just like the pole star!!